Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Great Adventure - Day 20

After getting in at 4:30 in the morning, we slept in until almost noon yesterday.  It was so nice to just have a relaxing day with family in our trip.  I caught up on blogging while Nick played games with his youngest sibling and used M&Ms as counters.  I eventually played as well and schooled them all ;)

We lounged around a lot in the remainder of the afternoon:

We eventually headed out to pick up Nick's second-youngest sister from work, and his dad came along.  We popped into a book store and I realized just how alike these two are in their tastes and what excites them:

After dinner, the evening was filled with more games, more relaxing, and just a little bit of blowing things up:

Since chickens seems to be the theme lately, we decided to finally try blowing up the peeps.  It was quite the ordeal with Nick, his two youngest sisters, their friend Rachel, and me all cramming in the kitchen to watch.

We ate a token peep, and the rest were reserved for the experiment:

Fun fact - if you turn the microwave back on, these poor deflated guys below will indeed inflate again!

Here is a little home video of the ordeal just for fun:

Then it was back to more relaxing in the family room:

Robyn, here's one of your selfies ;)

(And the one black-and-white that Blogger didn't turn sepia on me...).

Our numbers dwindled as the evening got later, and we eventually all made our way to bed at, well, I actually don't even know what time!

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