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When are you guys having kids?

Don't laugh!  This is truly the question that my husband and I get asked the most often.  Any newly married couple can probably attest to the frequency of this question, and anyone that has been married for a few years, like we have, probably wishes they had a dollar for every time they have been asked so that they could afford to take a little vacation ;).  (As a side note, I am completely amazed that you get asked more often the longer you have been married, because maybe people don't realize that a LOT of people have a lot of trouble having children and that this question can be a very sensitive one to have to answer).

In our case, though, we simply don't want kids yet.  Sorry parents on all sides - you'll have to wait a few more years to be grandparents (yes, I said years - plural), unless of course, God decides He wants to intervene and change the tentative plans we have :)

How many instruments do you guys play?

Nick - 3:  primarily drums, violin, and he has a gorgeous voice on top of it all.
Laura - 3:  primarily piano, just learning violin, and fooling around with guitar.

What does your husband actually DO?

Being in the "movie business" is probably one of the most difficult career to put into simple, explainable terms.  The short answer is, he does a bit of everything (shooting, editing, colour correcting, assistant directing, producing, etc.).  He primarily focuses his talents on editing and assistant directing, though.

He edits wedding videos, music videos, web videos, t.v. series, corporate videos, promotional videos, book trailers, and just finished editing a full-scale documentary about the story of an orphan girl in India and her journey through life.

He has also done a ton of assistant directing on just about everything I have mentioned above.  What is assistant directing?  Basically the assistant director deals with all the organizing and scheduling stuff on set and off set.  Calling people.  Arranging locations.  Setting up times and sending out call sheets so everyone knows where they need to be when.  Tons of emailing.  Tons of phone calls.  Tons of improvising when things don't work out.  They tell people when they have their breaks and when the need to be back on set.  They take care of everything so the director can just focus on the actors and the story.  It always amuses and astonishes me how well my laid-back, NOT type A personality husband rocks at this.

How much do you charge for photography?

This varies so much depending on what you are looking for, how long your shoot will take, and how many photos you are hoping to receive in the end.  Send me some details and I'll get back to you with a quote that is customized just for you!

However, if you are interested in either in-person or online photography mentoring, I offer this at a rate of $40 per hour.

What got you started in photography?  What gear do you shoot with?  Etc.

Thanks to the very kind efforts of fellow photographer, Jill Camacho Quash, who asked to set up a whole photography-related interview for me, you can read the answers to these questions and more HERE!