Sunday, May 11, 2014

Photography 365 Project: (Days 100 - 130)

First off - a note that the promised video of The Great Adventure is more than half done and still coming soon :)

So I realize that in all the world travelling we've been doing, I've not been posting my dailies each week.  A lot of these are redundant if you've been following along with The Great Adventure blogs I've been posting.  However, for consistency and not missing a chunk out of the middle, here are the chosen dailies for the last month:

Grabbing lunch for coworkers on a rainy afternoon.  They wanted Nando's, but I went next door for Subway myself:

Hanging out with my awesome friend, Tara, who took me to Costco after work on this Friday (since I don't have a membership card) and helped me stock up on snacks right before our big road trip.  Then she fed us a wonderful dinner afterwards :)

Deciding to upgrade our car right before we left rather than a year from now.  We spend the majority of this Saturday at the dealership haggling for the best price, and left by sunset with this 2012 Matrix with only 53,000km on it.  (Since I'm writing this POST road trip, there's more like 66,000 on it now!):

On Sunday we headed down to Surrey to do some birthday shopping for Nick.  We're at the point now where I just take him to one of his favourite stores and have him pick out what he likes.  It's easier that way ;)

Practicing some dramatic light for a class that I was in and also cleaning out the fridge before we left:

Last night in our own bed!

And then all of these pics are from The Great Adventure Blogs with more than sufficient backstory on them all, so I'll just post them here by themselves for now.

And now, today, back home, I have to find something "interesting" to shoot.  This is going to be hard after such a great adventure!  And there's still 235 days left in the challenge!

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