Saturday, May 24, 2014

Photography 365 Project: (Day 143 - Date Night)

Friday night was date night.  We had some other plans that got cancelled early that morning, so we quickly regrouped and planned a fun evening together.  The new X-Men movie was coming out that night, so we went online to redeem some Scene Points.  We booked our tickets at 8am and got some of the last seats remaining for the night at the 9:30pm showing.  (We're so cool - seeing a movie the day it comes out).  

After work we killed some time continuing to catch up on Game of Thrones and enjoyed some pre-movie popcorn.  Then as it got later, I grabbed my camera (to get my daily photo), and we headed out.

I decided for the first time in about 9 months to try NOT wearing my ugly pink and black running shoes and at least feel a little bit cute going out.  I figured a drive to the theatre and sitting all night wouldn't flare up my injuries too badly, and I was right.

Checking the mail a few hours earlier produced some sweet A&W coupons which decided dinner for us:

And then we settled into our VIP seats (LOVE Scene Points) and enjoyed the show.  Of course, this meant we weren't asleep until the wee hours of the morning today, but it was worth it :)

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