Friday, July 18, 2014

Photography 356 Project: (Days 191 - 198)

Thursday night, Nick had a meeting, so I had the place to myself and not much to do.  It was really nice!

Friday was the beginning of a heat wave in these parts:

Saturday I spent the entire day home alternating between editing photos and napping while Nick was off on a wedding:

Sunday, after church, we headed out to the beach with Nick's cousins, brother, and some of their friends.  The boys played and wrestled in the warm (yes, warm), salty waves and I was more than happy to just go up to my knees and call it a day.  I'm a fresh-water lake girl.  None of this Pacific Ocean stuff.

Monday, Nick and I spent the evening at home working on our respective craft/photo projects and trying to survive the heat.  He came into the kitchen to see me lighting all these candles in a row to shoot them and exclaimed, "You're lighting candles in this heat?!"  To which I replied, "And you're only in here because you're turning on the oven to bake some clay models!"

Tuesday, I was home alone after teaching as Nick was with his cousins and brother for a guys' night.  I found this little friend to keep me company in my dining room, though :)

Wednesday was date night since our dinner with friends was postponed.  We actually made a real dinner together, and it was lovely (even if it was just really good hamburgers).  We tidied up the kitchen and enjoyed a movie together.  Okay, enjoyed is a loose term.  We watched the movie, "Noah", and it's really weird.

Thursday, we biked to the grocery store after my last piano student left and picked up some treats.  We kind of enjoyed actually having a healthy meal the night before so thought we would go for two nights in a row ;).  We also picked up some not-so-healthy treats:

And that's the end of this short little blog post.  It's really short because I'm really tired as I've been staying up way too late and it's been too hot to sleep most nights.  It's the end of the week and the lack of energy is catching up to me.  I have a 15-hour wedding tomorrow that's in a completely different town, so sleep will have to wait until Sunday this week.  Maybe by then I will be more verbose :)


  1. Love that first out of focus selfie. Gonna have to try that!

    1. Thanks! It's pretty easy to do. Just shoot out of focus, lol!