Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Photography 365 Project: (Days 154 - 155 - Piano Funnies)

Tuesday life was started to feel EXTRA hectic (if that's possible).  Dinner (yes, a REAL dinner) made it into the oven around 10pm and also served as lunch for the following day.

Today, Wednesday, I was sooo tired when I woke up.  I was dragging my heels through the entire day at the office and wondering how I was going to find the energy to teach five students at the end of it.  And then I started to teach, and I remembered how much I love my job.  Especially teaching this one particular family whose kids are a riot.  In the 30 minutes I spent with this little guy the following conversations ensued:

Conversation #1:

Me:  You're missing something!  (Pointing at his absent front teeth).  Did you get something for that?

Him:  Yeah!  $5!

Me:  You're rich!  What are you going to buy me?  Are you going to buy me something?

Him:  Sure!

Me:  Awesome, are you going to buy me a new car?

Him:  NO!!

Me:  Why not?!  I thought you said you were going to buy me something.

Him:  I can't.

Me:  How come?

Him:  Because you can't buy a car for $5.

Me:  Oh... how much do you need to buy a car?

Him:  $200.

Conversation #2:

Me:  How well do you think you played the song on a scale of 1 - 10?

Him:  1.

Me:  Are you sure you only played it at a 1?  Cause you know you need at least a 7 out of 10 for a sticker.

Him:  1.

Me:  Okay.... ? (He actually played it about a 5 out of 10).

Him:  *whispering and leaning into my ear*  I actually said 1 because I wanted to play it again.

Me:  *whispering back into his ear*  Okay, I won't tell anyone.  Go ahead and play it again ;)

Conversation #3:

This conversation followed him hearing me quickly ask his mom's permission to post this picture on the internet.

Him:  I'm going to be on Facebook!?

Me:  Yep.

Him:  What does that mean?

Oh, kid... it means you just made my day.

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