Monday, January 13, 2014

City Lights

Winter where we live is seldom pretty.  When you say "Winter" around here, no one thinks of snow.  The skies are almost continuously overcast with the darkest and murkiest type of clouds and you would be a fool to not have an umbrella on you at all times 8 months out of the year.  This weekend was a little different than the usual drizzle, though.  This weekend it POURED.  But, I didn't actually mind since I was inside almost the entire time.  Besides, night driving and pouring rain makes for some pretty awesome pics!

And because some of my friends complain when I post only pictures and never say what's going on, I'll add a little of what we were up to this weekend and make it a mixed post.  Friday night we were out super late with friends playing some board games and eating appies.  Hence all the rainy driving pictures.

 Saturday, Nick edited a wedding all day while I slept in and spent the rest of the day at worship practice and Saturday evening service:

And Sunday was playing at both services, having a friend come over and haul my old desk away, and then a trip to Ikea to redesign the new space.  We had two desks, so when she took the office one, we moved the second desk out of the master bedroom to fill the space.  Thus, the office still looks relatively similar to what it did before, but the bedroom is a different story.

Here's an old, icky "before picture" from years ago (I promise, it didn't look this organized in real life):

And here's the "after".  Lots more storage space, lots more floor space!

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  1. What fun and cool night pictures! And I love organizing, so I'm swooning over your new space!