Thursday, September 4, 2014

Photography 365 Project: (Days 240 - 246)

Thursday, I came home and iced my feet as they were bugging me after a weekend of shooting and I had another two-day wedding coming up:

Friday, we went over to some friends for dinner, board games, and hot chocolate.  We haven't gone out in the evening together to play games with friends in a while so it was a lovely treat!

Saturday, I slept in because I didn't have to arrive to shoot until the evening.  I headed down to the bride's house to shoot her and her family getting ready as well as the ceremony that followed.  Her sister is practicing her dance in the mirror here.

Sunday, was the main photo shoot and the reception.  We didn't have a lot of time to get all the shots done, but I feel like they still got some really nice ones from the day.  I have a few of my favourite here, though I picked the top left one as my official "daily".  You can see the rest of their wedding on our business page if you're interested :)

Monday, was a holiday and a day to do laundry as we ran out of a lot of things - including matching socks!  My feet were okay thanks to shooting without my shoes for most of the weekend and running around in the ice cold fountain for a lot of the shots, haha.  

We relaxed, we did paperwork, we ran errands, we watched t.v.  We were actually highly productive for a "day off", though with 10 hours of errands, paperwork, piano teaching, etc. I don't know if I would actually call it that.  It was at least a day off from the office!

Tuesday, the rains starting to come.  Welcome to the beginning of our 10-month wet season on the coast.  I used the opportunity to try out a shot I had been waiting for.  Here are the results!

Wednesday, I had apparently used up all my inspiration the day before, so I just grabbed a few light trails from our deck and called it a day.  It could have also had something to do with the amount of energy all my piano students had that evening.  Wow.  They need to bottle and sell that stuff!  Haha.

And now our little group is rejoicing that we're less than four months to the finish line.  Out of the 100 of us that started, 25 of us are still going strong and are on track with our 365 projects.  It's been awesome, but I'm still really looking forward to being all done ;)

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