Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Photography 365 Project: (Days 63 - 70)

Last Tuesday I posted my Day 63 photo of our fish.  However, I ended up taking a photo later that night during our Ice Cream Adventure that I want to use instead for my daily.  Rather than going back and editing the original blog post, I'll just do a second Day 63 here.  Generally uplighting someone's face isn't ideal, but since this was a spur of the moment snapshot, I'm not going to bemoan my lack of flash fill too much:

Wednesday was one of my "long days" that I have every other Wednesday.  I got up around 5:30am, and headed into work for 7:25.  I left at 3:25 to head out to a neighbouring city to teach a batch of piano students who I just couldn't say no to even after I had moved away.  (Hence, my jaunt down there twice a month).  Nick picked me up from the last house and we drove directly to Life Group, and finally I returned home around 10pm.  This was a very welcome sight.  (Okay, I left the camera card at home, so I ran into the house, shoved a card in the camera, ran back down, and then took this shot.  How else do you think I got our light on for it!  Haha).

Thursday night I had to prep for a Friday potluck at work.  I thought I would take the less expensive route and make something vs. chipping in for the Chinese food like most people did.  Wrong.  I didn't realize I had to double the recipe, so in the end, I maybe saved $3?  And the silly salad took over an hour to make (partially because I kept getting distracted).  However, we did get leftovers out of it for dinner, so I suppose that makes it worth it :)

Friday I was feeling pretty tired.  Not sleepy tired, but life-weary tired.  Over-extended, and dealing with emotional situations.  The Lego Movie was the perfect solution.  Until the end.  When it made me cry...

Saturday morning (aka, still pretty much Friday night after the late movie), I decided I wanted a day off of shooting daily.  The trick?  Take a picture after midnight, go to bed, and wake up later on Saturday morning with the full day off.  This photo is what is commonly referred to in our household as 1-2-3-4 o'clock.  It is a dreaded time.  Nothing good comes of this hour.  It usually means that it's WAY to late, I should have been asleep long before, and I will pay dearly when 6:00am rolls around.  Or, if it's 1-2-3-4 o'clock in the afternoon, that means that my work day isn't even half over yet and I've got ages to go until I can curl up and relax at day's end.  In this case, I woke up to a rain fall warning later on which meant the maternity shoot I was scheduled to do was postponed.  A wonderfully restful day followed, so staying up til 1-2-3-4 o'clock was completely fine after all.

Sunday was Daylight Saving Time.  The problem with this was that we forgot until 2am, which suddenly became 3am.  After surviving church on very little sleep, Nick and I came home and relaxed.  I made the awful mistake of taking a 3-hour nap in the evening, which meant that Monday morning was a rude awakening, but oh, that nap felt soooo good.

Monday felt like our true first day of Spring.  It was sunny and warm and lovely.  We would have gone for a picnic in the park for dinner that evening if I didn't have 4 piano lessons to teach.  Instead, I worked til 7:50pm, which happened to be the EXACT time Nick had to leave to go out for guys' night, so we didn't see each other much at all.  Given that we just had a weekend together, I'm not complaining, though :).  Monday evening was quiet and relaxing (and when I wrote most of this blog post!).  It also was the perfect opportunity to catch up on some of that sleep I missed due to that ill-planned nap Sunday night!

Tuesday was a pretty busy day at work between a flood of emails, auditors, and training.  However, I managed to grab a moment for myself while a student was finishing her exam and snap this through the window:

One more month and we'll be at the 100 mark!