Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We Are Weird

Nick and are weird... like, really weird.  We can have the same, "What would you do if aliens attacked RIGHT NOW and there was a massive EMP?" conversation every time we drive through the mountains.  (You really have to take the contour of the road and the speed at which you are traveling into consideration if your car were to suddenly die from a world-wide EMP). And it can last for up to an hour each time.  Or, how would you survive if..."fill in very unlikely, and highly random scenario".  I think we would write interesting books.  I believe we had a 2 hour phone conversation about being stranded in the desert, at about 2:00a.m. in the morning, while we were "not quite dating yet", long-distance and both had school in the morning. 

It started again last night, much too late.

Nick:  It's really cold.  We should turn on the heat.

Laura:  No way!  We accidentally left it on for half a week and wasted all that energy and have to make up for it (I am also ridiculous in other ways, as well).  Besides, who wants to sleep in a warm, stuffy room.  That would be gross.

Nick:  Well, we should get more blankets then.

Laura:  Okay!  Get them all!

Much shuffling around and piling of blankets before we both dive freezing cold into the middle of them.

Laura:  So... do you think we could survive like this in 20 below?

Nick:  Maybe.

Laura:  What about 40 below?

Nick:  Well, you would have to create some sort of breathing tunnel...

 I will spare you the rest of the very long, very late conversation.  Just to give you an idea of how seriously we take these conversations, one part of our discussion went like this:

Laura:  We are NEVER going to get to sleep like this.

Nick:  No, I don't think you would sleep.  You would be better to stay awake until morning.

Laura:  No, Nick, I mean RIGHT NOW, in real life.  We need to go to sleep!

Nick:  Oh.. haha.

No, we did not go to sleep.  Yes, the discussion continued on for about 40 minutes in total, with experimental breathing tunnels, trying back to front vs. front to front cuddling to see which way you could stay the warmest (no, that is not code for anything), discussions on snow density in various parts of the country, and finally calling it quits and going to sleep!   

No wonder we have no friends... kidding :)  Though, we are by far the "nerdiest" of all our friends.


  1. Hey there, just saw your comment on my DIY Laundry Soap post. Just wondering how you came upon my blog?

  2. It makes sense! I saw Tara on your blog and figured there must have been some sort of Tara connection. Very cool.

  3. Yep, she's an awesome friend, but you probably already know that :)